Epoxy Floors Enhance and Protect Your Property
Epoxy floors are not only aesthetically appealing, but mold and mildew resistant as well as damage resistant and sanitary. Concrete staining is great for dressing up a concrete floor. An epoxy floor is also a great way to enhance your garage, basement, kitchen or workshop. We Are Installation Experts!

There is a process to apply an epoxy floor that the professionals at B&B Professional Painting have years of experience performing.
•The concrete surface needs to be cleaned using an acid wash to rid it of any oil or other unwanted contaminants, to open up the pores, and to allow for maximum adhesion.
•If the surface has been sealed, a grinder will be used first to create a porous surface for proper adhesion.
•Only then, epoxy coatings are applied.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:
•Concrete Coating
•Custom Colors
•Non-Skid Surface
•Aesthetically Appealing
•Easy to Clean
•Chemical Resistant
•Excellent Impact and Abrasion Resistance
•Low Odor